No, we don’t! Whilst learning the taxi trade, I worked for two companies, one of which used an island based app. I found the app to be unreliable, both for customers and taxi drivers.

On multiple occasions I would arrive at the booked destination to find the customer had left without cancelling the booking. At other times I heard of drivers accepting a booking but not fulfilling it.

Friendly Cabs has worked long and hard to gain an outstanding reputation (with now over 100 all 5 star Google reviews) and we will not put that reputation at risk by joining forces with other companies that we have no control over.

We’re also a tad “old school” and prefer to speak to our clients and we still believe that the good old telephone (or even WhatsApp or email) are far from defunct. So if you’d like to book a cab with Friendly Cabs you have many options. The only one you don’t have is an unreliable app. 01983 506975

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